Can someone help with unlisted and delisted stocks

Hi, Today I found one of my stocks VENUS Remedies showing as Unlisted in my Demat and not able to understand why is it showing that way, because there is no news around it being unlisted anywhere on the internet?

Can someone help me gain some knowledge and how can I get that money back or how can I sell those shares in the market, there have been few other stocks which shows delisted in my portfolio but those are probably older ones and so if anyone can guide me would be so great.

Thanks in advance

@varun_10 If a share is delisted or halted from trading due to regulatory reason by the exchanges you can no longer sell them in the open market.
You can try by contacting the company itself they sometimes help you out with OTC transfers.

VENUS REMEDIES LTD moved to ESM stage 2. so it will trade once a week. we already sent a notification regarding the same.
Kindly check the bulletin here.

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There are many private dealers who deal in Delisted , Unlisted and Unquoted shares …you can google it easily .

Thanks for the help @Ragavendran_M, I wasn’t aware of it, I read through the articles and the hyper links attached and it helped me gain clarity. One question in case of unlisted stocks which are limited to only trading on Monday, the reason is only low volume/ illiquid stocks or does that mean they could go out of business because venus remedies has decent financials so the only reason is not enough volume?
And is it better to sell it in open market as and when possible on a monday?

Thanks @aniln, will do that

Thanks @Chetan_Nahata, I will do that in case of delisted stocks.
But those that are halted or ESM stage 2, I will try to sell it in the open market if possible on a Monday

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It’s just a surveillance measure based on the criteria mentioned [here] (
It doesn’t mean the stock will delist.


you may have other reason to sell but just because a scrip is in ESM do not take a sell view…

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Thanks @Ragavendran_M, that is very helpful, can’t thank you enough. I just got a little worried seeing as unlisted and trading only on Monday is very odd.

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That is super helpful, it’s just I panicked seeing it as unlisted in my portfolio and with yours and ragavendran help it helped me clarify.
I won’t take a sell view, it is just very odd to me that a stock is just trading once a week, wasn’t aware of such a thing.
Thanks again for the help

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