Can USA based NRIs use Coin to invest in mutual funds

Can a USA based NRI use Coin to invest in mutual finds? If yes whats the process?

Currently, the platform is not enabled for NRIs to invest. We are working on it.

Hi Faisr,

I live in Singapore and I am curious if there is a tentative timeframe for enabling Zerodha Coin for NRIs?


Hi Kapil, wont be able to commit a timeline as we are trying to sort out the compliances involved for NRIs.

Does it mean that software / app will not work when you are overseas ?

Hi Dipen,

The app will work overseas if a resident demat and trading account holder takes his phone outside the country or tries to use it, but, we currently do not allow people who open NRI trading and demat accounta with us to invest on mutual funds through our platforms.


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Any update on when Coin will be available to NRIs?