Can we convert Lumpsum investment to SIP ? Can we add more money in lumpsum ?

Hello, I just had a super noob question since I’m a bit new into the financial world.
Let’s say I have an X amount to invest lumpsum in a MF. After few months I feel like adding a few more units, basically more lumpsum. Is this possible ? Is it similar to buying ETFs considering there’s a minimum investment amount as well.

Now let’s say, after a few months I feel like starting a SIP in the same fund, even this is possible ? Basically, my previous Lumpsum + this new SIP will result in averaging the NAV, am I correct?

Just had these few doubts, hope I get my answers. Thank you !

Just a very young investor starting in to this financial world. :smile:

Yes, you can invest more amount in already invested fund.

Yes, even this is possible and yes, your interpretation is correct.

You can check out this article explaining how to start SIP.


Thank you so much for clearing the doubts sir !