Can we expect an android app for Coin in near future?

I get it, site is mobile friendly and all… But it is not comparable to the user-friendliness of a real app. Other inferior (acc to me) direct mf providers like Wealthtrust, Piggy etc all have one, but the Direct MF Giant Zerodha Coin doesn’t.

I know you people are not a big company with a lot of revenue and all, but please please please hire a developer and make a good app for comparing, buying, selling and checking mf, it’ll increase your user base and revenue in the long run.

Even one of my friend even invested in Etmoney because it “feels easier” to him with an app and all, after I explained him for 10min why zerodha and direct funds are better lol. Yeah, an anecdote.

Are you guys even considering this?

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Yes, we are working on this. :slight_smile:


Happy to hear this. Add STP & SWP also in Coin.

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