Can we get nse data on mt4?

Hi guys,
I come from forex trading, and I am very familiar with mt4 platform. I don’t want to trade with it. I have invested a lot of time and effort and developed some indicators of my own. I want nse data and charts on mt4. But i will execute trades manually on kite.
So does anyone know a workaround?


Okay guys,
I found a way to get nse mcx real time data. While doing my research i also found out that we can also trade with mt4 if we have a bridge between kite and mt4. I dont how it works exactly. But if that is the case i can use my Expert advisors which i coded for forex trading on indian intraday markets.

So i request if anyone here is aware such thing!! pls help me.

I found a paid veersion guys. I bought the data for one year.You can actually get nse data on mt4. But need to connect it through kite API for executing trades from it. i Iwill try to trade profitably first manually and then probably build my own brige between mt4 and kite api for auto trading.