Can we have this feature in KITE?

Can we have a similar feature. This eliminates the need for using two devices simultaneously.

I can’t be the only one who needs this.

Am I ?

Everyone, what are your thoughts on this?

Now come on please don’t comment use Upstox if you need this feature.

I am habituated to Zerodha and took membership for Sensibull & streak.

@nithin Sir is this on your to-do list ?


This should MUST feature on Kite web and App as well. Holdings and positions P&L Should pinned top of the kite or bottom.v @nithin

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We can track positions and orders while viewing the pop-out chart. This can help with your requirement I believe.


Yeah gets the job done.
Thank you

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Small suggestion.
When we collapse the positions, could you make the “TOTAL P&L” visible beside positions ?
Because when we have multiple positions it becomes cumbersome.
That helps us way better.

Hope you got what I am trying to say.
If not please reply.

I got your point. will check this.

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how to open when open banknift pe it is not showing canyou help me how to add that feature

  1. Click on popout
  2. Click on the thunder symbol

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thanks bro

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It works but no indices will be visible to keep track of market. I hope they make some changes in this to fix this.

Sorry I didn’t get you.
Could you please elaborate ?

We cant see any data about nifty or bank nifty without switching the tabs. all we can do is see the positions.

Any update ?

Added to our list, this may take time.

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Hi Dev team @Zerodha

I have a suggestion, Can we an option like I explained below
When we search for a stock of selection of stock and we can get all evaluation metric details PE, PB, EBITDA, Debt to Equity and compare stocks.

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Level 1 Info is already available in Kite Fundamentals.
For indepth Zeordha has offered this for free.

Its very unlikely that they will add anything more for free as there is a subscription model in Tickertape for around rs1300