Can we list/discuss here all about defence sector companies Stocks?

I believe that it is going to be a big investment in defence sector in India in coming years.
But I am not able to get solid information about it.

What are the companies name those are working in this sector ?
What are the stocks-names listed for these companies ? Since sometimes company has different sub-group listed with different name.
Which company is getting what type of project ? So that at least we can get some idea about its future.

I am welcoming you to add more points and more information to make this single thread more useful about this sector.




Good to know this stocks list!!

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I urge all of you to make this thread or any other thread, if know with same purpose, collection of all information so that we can use this thread as reference for all of us in later time.

Please use this wonderful platform by Zerodha not just for current problem but to solve/plan future aspects too.