Can we make money by investing in large cap stocks?

most bigwigs of the industry like RJ, Dolly Khanna etc invest in smaller companies and make spectacular returns out of it. My question is whether there is potential to make similar returns by investing in large caps?

All those stories which we heard were in early 2000s which were the years Indian markets were in nascent stage

Now markets are crowded and matured

I am not saying its impossible, but dont waste time and energy in reading those rags to riches stories


Money can be made in market irrespective of market cap.

  1. Large caps provides stability to portfolio.
  2. Small & Mid caps provide faster growth oopertunity.

But Investing based on Market Caps has it’s own pros can cons. One should diversify their portfolio across all segment :slight_smile:

Happy Investing.


Rahul yes. Tcs reliance and HCl are now golden mines. U will earn decent return

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Returns generated has nothing to do with market cap. Investors invest after looking at valuations. Whichever company is undervalued is a good investment irrespective of the valuation.

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