Can we Place a Buy Order at a price higher than the Market Price Or Sell Order at a price lower than the Market Price?

Whenever I try to place a buy limit order at a price higher than the market price or sell limit order at price lower than the market price it get executed immediately at current Market Price. Is there any option to place such an order in case I want to use the straddle strategy or any such strategy like that.
P.S- I am placing Bracket Orders
Thank You
Faraz Khan

Use SL or SL-M orders

Thanks @mac76 ! can you please explain me with an example so that I can understand what prices do I have to enter in PRICE,TRIGGER PRICE,STOPLOSS,TARGET if I want to place a Bracket Order (SL type). :sunny:

Let’s say the current market price of FEDERAL BANK is 92 and you want to buy it @95.
Trigger price: 95
Price: 95.10 (you can specify value of 95 and above here)
What this does is when federal bank reaches 95, your order will be executed between the price range 95 - 95.10
SL : Put your stop loss in absolute value here. If you want to limit your loss to 90, then put 5 here.
Target : Put the target in absolute value. If 105 is your target, then put 10 here.
Trailing SL : I hope you already know this. You can put integer value here, one and above.


Woah! Great explaination ! Thanks alot Man! :slight_smile:

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