Can we put money on various index?

As I see various index reach at specific point every day. By observing pattern can we put money on its point?
Say example: - Nifty50 close at 10490.75. I think tomorrow it will reach at 10xxx.yy.
By doing this gain some money?
I don’t know whether this available or not, valid or not.

But same way we put money on shares example company A’s share price today xxxx.yy & if tomorrow it will reach at xxxx.yy - z then I will purchase it, if xxxx.yy + z then I will sale it & gain some money.


The index is formed out of a weighted average of shares that comprise of it. In case of Nifty this is of 50 stocks. You cannot put your money on the index directly, but if you feel the index is going to go up, you can trade in the derivatives of the index. To understand how derivatives work, you can look at the link

The other alternative you can look at is ETFs, you have Niftybees which are traded on the exchange
These are created by fund houses to almost mimic the movement in the index.
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