Can we reconstruct complete market day?

Is it possible to reconstruct a market day like complete simulation of market ,bringing it live with all data ?If yes then how?
Suppose I wanna recontruct and replay how the market played on 06/07/2023 and simulate trades in it ? is it possible to do that.

Hi @Jeevan_Chukya yes it is possible there are websites that allow you to do the same i think they have data from 2019 but you will have to check it.

I have tried both but as there is a steep difference in price
opstra define edge and Stock mock
opstra is 1k + whereas same thing you can get for about 300 in stock mock.

Happy trading :slight_smile:

we can actually backtest the strategy right , live going back in time and trading ? what’s the term for this ?Market Replay?

correct you can go to any day any hour from the market,
i would suggest you can open both these websites and have a walkthrough
youtube also has videos, you can do a normal search and you should be good.

If you know a little bit of basic programming or at-least have idea that it exists and good in puzzle solving,
You can make it work in a week by yourself.
Also, you will learn a lot about the system, it will lead better results, as you know what your doing.

I very duly appreciate the replies.

Tick-by-tick data tracking and then exact replication of the market data can not be implemented currently.

In Streak the data is tracked based on candle OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) basis to check your entry-exit conditions. Thus you can simply backtest the strategy conditions of your requirement and the platform will check the conditions on OHLC data basis to simulate the trades for that day. You can refer to the below link to
get started and learn how you can backtest your strategy with Streak-
Blog- Getting Started with Streak - Streak Tech
Youtube Webinar- Streak Version 4 Demo - Live Webinar - YouTube

You can also refer to the below link to learn about the Candle formation and Backtest in Streak-

And the below link to learn about the assumptions considered in the backtest-

I really don’t have a strategy, wanted to explore the market and recklessly trade without losing money on past market to see if I can make a ridiculous strategy and still profit . For a proper backtest I would need to provide it with inputs but what I am looking for , I don;t know where it can lead but a random strategy and then may be use ML or something to find all the probabilities of market , like the system would itself generate numerous millions of a profitable trades of which to use a screener and find the most probablitic strategy by just providing like here "system I have 1lac capital - 20 lac " a vast number of simulations and just show me what can be done with this ,and it will simulate to find ideas . May be what I am thinking is machine learning ,idk .

Auto creation of the strategies or conditions by the system itself can not be done with Streak currently. We at Streak do not suggest any strategies and conditions to our users. The decision to trade is always based on the discretion of the user.

However, you can refer to from the Discover strategy/scanner section our team has uploaded a lot of strategies for the users for educational purposes. You can refer to the following link to learn more about the Discover section-