Can we target 1st 5 min candle or 2nd 5 min candle while creating strategies or scanners?

I want to prepare a scanner where it would scan for stocks where first two 5 minute candles of the day are bullish or bearish. Is there a way to do this in Streak?


I know there is scanner for ORB of any timeframe, but that would consider only the first candle. I need like 1st and 2nd.
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hi @Prasanna_Kumar9,

You can use Nth Candle for this. Please refer

Hi @Krishnendu, Thank you for the response. I used it and its working. But the only problem is, I want the strategy to work only once in a day. Like when the range (i.e, if 1st two candles are bullish, then I need to buy above the high) high is breached. Now whenever that range is breached a trade is executed which results in loss. I need to avoid this. How do I achieve this?

You can set the Strategy cycle to 1 for this.