Can we trade Futures CNC order till 3:30 PM?

Sometimes i face this issue in intraday EQ:

Lets say I made a perfect short sell entry at Price p with target q, stop loss r
(r> p > q ). Stop loss is not hit but the market moves flat till 3:25 pm and makes my speculated move at 3:29 pm. Now intraday orders must be squared off by 3:20PM, levaing no choice either to exit with less profit or a loss.

How can we counter this? can we take quivalent futures trade in CNC/Normal mode so that we can extend this trade till market close 3:30PM?

Yes if traded using futures and product type as NRML, you can hold till 3.30 pm, actually you can hold till the expiry day of the contract. Suggest you to go through the F&O module here.