Can we trade in U. S stock market using Zerodha?

if not,how could we trade in U.S stock market?

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Hi AR, through Zerodha you can trade in the Indian Markets (i.e NSE/BSE/MCX/MCX-SX) If you wish to trade in the US Markets, you would need to open an account with an International broker, there are many online US brokers, that can enable you to trade from India. A simple google search would give you a long list to choose from.

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Icici Direct use to allow Indian Investors to trade in US markets. Check out with them.

Interative brokers is another good option. One can also directly open account with US brokers like ETrade, TD Ameritrade etc.

One of the best option for Indian Investors wanting to invest in US market is International Mutual Funds. Check out following link-