Can we use one tradingView pro account for multiple zerodha kite accounts?

I have access to multiple zerodha kite accounts to trade and I pick the accounts from tax optimization. But, I do not normally use more than one account per day to trade. So, on any given day, i trade using only one of the accounts.

Now, if I go for a pro trading view pro account, will I be able to use the same TV pro account for all the other accounts too?

Thank you in advance for the kind help.

I don’t think anything changes within kite as we don’t offer any pro account.

use of multiple a/c may useful if they are opened on family members, otherwise same owner having multiple a/c will fall in same IT slab.
if you can use only one a/c frequently , then the ideal fund lied in other a/c will not give any return like interest.

I use TV free a/c & happy with it , & doesn’t felt that i need to switch to pro. Your concept of placing trading order to all trading a/c with one charting a/c is like coping trades in forex trading, may be that facility available in algo, but i don’t sure about it.

It is more of a TV question than a Kite one !

I don’t own multiple accounts. I use my family members accounts. Let me try with the free TV account. But, would really like to know if I can use the paid TV Pro account across multiple zerodha kite accounts without having to buy pro accounts for each of them.

I don’t think, you can use the TV login details in kite.
the TV charts in kite don’t require to login for TV a/c (in kite TV chart screen, there isn’t a secondary login button).
I use TV a/c for detailed analysis, where i can save my study. In kite many users complaints that their study got disappear after sign out. In kite i use, chart iq, which looks more clean & easy.