Can you download sensibull data in CSV format?


I can 't see why not. Let me just see if there are redistribution kind of clauses by legal around it. If no we will make this a feature


If this is provided then will we be able to choose the data that we need to download specifically

For example:
I need the minute delta values for the 28th feb nifty call @ x strike price for the past 22 days


I need the historical value of deltas for nifty for the past year?

Will providing this feature be difficult in excel format? If yes then could the sensibull greeks and other feature be synced with the kite connect api?


Sensibull is an Analysis platform and not a datafeed distributor.

historical data for option geek delta values for 1 minute wont be available anywhere.


Well sensibull gets option prices from nse but it uses its very own algorithm with a formula to come up with the greeks that you see on sensibull. What is wrong if it sells it to its customer who want to use it on their “OWN PLATFORM” for “ANALYSIS”.

By providing a feature for downloading sensibull data it technically does’nt loose its identify as a analysis platform.

Thats why i’m asking sensibull to do so.

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did this happen?