Can you face the same problem at Pi

Look at the time frame and duration(Circle), its not working properly. i.e. i am unable to fetch the chart of any future stocks on time frame of weekly. my system is windows 10 with 8 gm RAM.
Every one facing the same ?!!!

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for normal chart I am getting OK. but for continuous chart it is giving only Daily charts.

btw, i am talking about >>>>> Open the chart of any future stock than go to Time frame and select weekly with 5 year or maximum time duration.

@Darshan I have faced similar problems zerodha told to reconcile the chart with Ctrl +r but dint solve anything. Please post if you come to an solution. It happens mostly in higher timeframe charts.

Zrodha told me that WE ARE WORKING ON IT . They have NO answers particularly on Technical faults.
Whatever, forget it. Try as mentioned below ;-(i solved myself)

  • re-enter the stocks in market watch

  • Right click on stock and open continuous chart. see if you have problem to open the chart for DAY time frame than first open continuous chart than open chart for DAY time frame.
    Again option for weekly and monthly chart are only available if you open the chart in any Time frame first than select the weekly or monthly. if you unable to open the weekly and monthly chart from 2010 or max time duration than first open the continuous chart from MW first.

  • you have to manually apply chart template in case of continuous chart.

  • let me know that whether you can able solved or not ?


Only daily time is available for continuous data for now.