Can you forward test options strategies - will help new trades a lot

Hey Guys.

I want to subscribe but But here are my doubts about your platform.

Trading on option strategies need hefty capital, but being a begineer I want to explore the option trading. You provide backtesting but can i forward test option strategies some how? because it will be a great help for begineers with limited capital like me to test everthing first.

Please do advice.

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yes absolutely, you can use the “Paper Trade” feature available in the Streak Platform. All the trades will be executed in live market based on the strategy and will be on virtual capital. Your real capital will not be used for this.

You can paper trade and gain confidence, once you are comfortable with options you can deploy the strategies in live market too.

To know more about paper trading in Streak, refer to the link provided below:


Thank you, will check out paper trade :+1:

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Hi @Hitesh_Streak ,

What is the strategy cycles option in the image attached ?

Strategy cycle is the number of times the strategy will loop itself and look for entries again after an exit. If you have selected a ‘strategy cycle’ of more than one, the strategy will automatically go into the waiting state and look for new entry triggers after the exit from the first trade, this will repeat until the number of ’ strategy live for’ days are completed and then the strategy will enter the stopped mode.

Example: If strategy cycle input is 1 and strategy live for input is 30 days, the strategy will take 1 trade each day for next 30 days.

To know more on Strategy Cycle, refer to the link provided below:


I am unable to view yesterday’s paper trade details, where can I access them? @Hitesh_Streak

hey! is order log available only for live trades or also for paper trades?? And where to download it from??

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Streak provides order log for both paper trades and live trades as well.
Below is the way to download the orderlog.

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Thanks man :v:

this thread was quite useful, ill probably deploy a short straddle tomorrow on paper trade and see how it actually works in real market volatility :slight_smile:

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Could you also share the results and conditions here? it will be a lesson for everyone

An update on this, Short straddle indeed works smoothly! Easy money in sideways market. Finally got to know theta decay in practical sense, without risking any capital.

I choose 12;45 to 2;45 as i believe in the afternoon, markets tend to be more sideways. Will continue to test this for some days on paper and then take it live :smiley:

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This is Amazing man, you got good returns. Keep going :v:

I am also trying straddle from Monday let’s see how it performs.

After going through this post, I have tried creating “IRON CONDOR”. Can anyone please confirm if the Dynamic Contracts I selected is correct.

Thanks in Advance

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Obviously, this will depend on your requirement of the strike selection for the spread. But for iron condor the logic is correct.

I deployed a Short Strangle today, the results were not great as the entry conditions were time based. and post entry, the market was trending on the down side.

can any suggest any conditions for identify sideways market? so that i can add that in conditions. Strangle should work nicely in sideways market.

Any input will be appreciated. TIA

Thanks for sharing all the information. I had been looking for results but I guess you are yet to share them with us.

This thread helped me clear most of my doubts. I will do some research on paper trades and see if it meets the expectations.