Can you reply with important links of NSE or other, which we refer often? Example bhavcopy download page, deliverable position, qty freeze etc

I would like to make a post which can serve as a quick reference to all the helpful links.

Please post here, if you find any link which is important.

  • Information on Deliverable Qty
  • NSE F&O EOD Data
  • NSE F&O EOD Data
  • NSE Strike Price List
  • Quanity Freeze Limit

I will keep adding the links.

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Seems like you've covered a lot of links.

The draw down to such a collection will be any change of link will render this whole post useless. [Eg: NSE revamped their site, a lot of old linksĀ became irrelevant]In this regards, I don't think it makes sense to post any here.

At least, until the links change, it would be helpful to keep this as reference.
I am not getting time to fill out other links.
If someone bookmarks this one post they should be able to access all the links.