Can You Share Your Today's Profit/Loss

I thought question was how do you (what is the thought process for selecting a level) and what level do you choose for SL. Whatever may the SL, some how the big players seem to know… It touches SL and reverts back… Please suggest.

@ASHISH_SINGH Looks Okay But I will not use These Moving Averages for Intraday.

Hey @DA3110 Sure you will do it one day. keep your Hopes High.

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Thank you
Trying to learn every day. & taking inspiration from people like you


Hey Sumit ,
What is your stock selection strategy . I see you are using KITE(which does not has scanners) . What do you use for scanning and filtering stocks for intraday?


Hey it is a manipulative result. Sumit had banned from this forum for his manipulation. Check all his posts you will know that.