Can You Share Your Today's Profit/Loss

Can You Share Your Today’s Profit/Loss.


Awesome,can you please share your strategy for trade setup.

Pls share the stratgey im already lost huge money kindly help brother

That’s a good profit. Would you like to share how much cash you have loaded to your trading account?

Hey, @Raj_Patel I Use Only simple Technical Indicators Which Most Retail Trades Use Nothing Special.


@Vinay_S Its Not Like I always make profits I also face Loss Sometimes.
What I do is I cut my Loss as soon as possible If Trade is not going in my way.

Keep Learning And Dont Give up.


@singhnsk Cash which I have in my account is = Apple iPhone 6.
Its all About your Techincal strength which you know about the stock when market opens.


Bracket orders have been so helpful to you, it seems

Good one buddy :slight_smile: Wish you all the luck, keep earning. And keep sharing some of those shots to keep us all inspired.

They are really a life saver. So you don’t get into extreme losses and also get the maximum margin possible :slight_smile: I use them liks 99% of the times when I’m in intraday.

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Do you keep / follow trailing stop loss on your bracket order positions?

That seems like a great trading day… I would be more interested if fellow traders share their equity graph and discuss the insights if they are willing…Being consistently profitable is of prime importance in trading.

BTW, Congrats for ur trading profits. :slight_smile: … Keep inspiring others !! :+1:

Thank you. So bracket orders is what you do? Can you tell how do you define your stop loss and do you use the trailing stop loss?

Hi Narender,
Both co and Bo, gives high leverage.

  1. BO is designed for people like who goes to office and work and not monitor the price whole day, so you can set both SL and tgt
  2. CO is same like BO but you only set SL and let the trade ride wuhichever value unless it hits SL.
    So you choose which one you want as per your style.
    As per trailing stop loss is concerned, it is very tricky.
    What I follow is I use 5 minutes candle and I am a bull.
  3. let’s say I enter a trade and it goes in my favour by multiple points and I keep trailing stop loss such a way at few points above my entry and I don’t face any loss including brokerage, there is more to it,I will make a video and upload in YouTube.


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What type of Technical/Fundamental analysis were you using?
What were the Technical factors (If possible name them) used by you or you followed the news from the market, specifically for JP Associates
please try to answer straight away not in riddles :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

I know is possible in BO but How do you achieve this in CO ?


Hope I am able to replicate such profits one day.

I Keep Things Simple.

Work with 3 Exponential Moving Averages.

  1. 5 DAY EMA.
  2. 20 DAY EMA.
  3. 50 DAY EMA.

I Always Put Support and Resistance Lines on the chart and Previous day high and low Lines Too.
I keep Track on Volumes
And Use Common Indicators.

  1. Volume Chart.
  2. ADX.
  3. William %R
  4. RSI.

Hey @chethanrai I dont Keep Trailing Stop Loss . I manually Update As Per Price Movement and I dont keep Tight Stop Loss and also Not placed at a random levels.

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Thanks, Brother @sumit_singh12 for your quick reply
What’s your opinion about 3WMA’s(ohlc/4) with 52,104 and 208 periods along with stochastics and ADX