Can Zerodha develop a platform that allows users to paper trade derivatives before entering the market?

Hello everyone, this is one major problem faced by young traders when they enter the market. They dont have any platforms apart from NSE Paathsaala to practice trading derivatives without loosing money. Just to be clear NSE Paathsaala has a horrible user interface and is not at all user-friendly.

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Also American brokers such as TD Ameritrade have paper trading platform integrated with their actual trading platform.

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@nithin plz look into this, its sounds fun. u can charge people like 25/ 50 per day per day for using it and it might give traders who are not zerodha clients to experience the zerodha platforms so they can open an account in zerodha.

This is on top of our list of side projects to do. We will for sure have it up in the next few months.


@ nithin

I will help you make this application if you want. it may take one week for me. Free of Cost.


Do it on your own, and upload it. Get a domain registered, we all will be happy to join :slight_smile:

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I am already doing paper trade with it. It is doing fine but people want some thing inside their trading platform. So that they can check paper trading in parallel with regular trading.

It won’t take much time to implement don’t know why zerodha taking more time

@ Zerodha.

Add the following. You have product types
Product type = PT (paper Trading )

if product type PT don’t send order to Back end server. Just store it in a csv file. .
It takes hardly one day to implement this.


@Nithin this idea looks good kindly reply what do you think about this ?

It is very nice idea.l am very much comfortable with zerodha.

But whenever I think about any new strategy implementation,then I feel this gap for paper trading.

Pls take some time and implement this Paper trading along with future and options also
In stocks as well as indexes.

Sorabh dhiman

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What about order matching? you place an order to buy at 100, stock is at 101, so this order should get matched if price arrives right? Similarly when someone is trying to sell. You need a complete module to manage users and funds assigned to every user. Lot of such details if it has to be put out there as a product.


How do you connect to the main NSE servers real time rates. Eg. NIFTY Index Future is currently trading @ 9450, so does your paper trading setup show the same rate and is in sync with real time rates across all products and exchanges NSE Stocks, NSE Derivatives, BSE Stocks, BSE Derivatives, MCX Commodities etc.

i am using Kite API to trade. so I can do paper trade

This is What I do.

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ok…:ok_hand: looks promising:thumbsup:

I agree with him. It takes time to develop a comprehensive platform that can be used for real life trading experience

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This doesn’t have Indian indices.

Zerodha should grab this offer from him.

Forex tester can import any instrument from world wide markets. To import the instrument, 1 min data must be used and it should in Forex tester 3 format if not then the data has to be rearranged in notepad or any other application. Forex Tester 3 can import stock, derivatives, etc. Forex tester 3 is the best solution for practicing paper trading in India as paper trading is not yet allowed by SEBI. Can someone pls work on this so we can paper trade Indian cash equities in Forex Tester 3.0

True for any real-world usable product.

DSIJ plat form available for paper tradng…
try it…