Can Zerodha fix Pulse?

First of all, I am grateful to Zerodha for creating Pulse - a dedicated information platform for traders and investors. As far as I can see, it seems to pull in information from news sources and aggregate them without much curation.

This results in some completely irrelevant information being on the front page, apart from much repetition and very little categorisation. These days, I find it no better than the average business news webpage.

So, here is my request to Zerodha for upgrading Pulse with an objective to make it more useful for traders and investors. Some inputs:

  1. Human curation to priorities the important and weed out the unimportant
  2. Let users select what sectors they are interested in (could be along the lines of Macro-economics, F&O, Commodities, Equity etc.)
  3. Sources can include reputable blog posts and even social media posts (again, needs some curation)

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Pulse was designed to be a simple RSS reader. We just read markets & finance related feeds and show them on the site. Curation takes a lot of effort and manpower. The fact that you see random news items says a lot about the quality of the news outlets., which is a rater tough problem to solve.

Btw, @ShubhS9 @Esha @Shruthi and others from our team curate some nice reads here


Thanks for your reply. Any possibility of letting users filter their Pulse feed and customise it?