Can Zerodha get into unlisted or angel investor company shares

Just curious as Amitabh Bachchan bought just dial before listing as an angel investor invested just 5 lachs and made 5 cr I wish if Zerodha get into or provide such platform to buy unlisted startup venture capital companys angel investor company s looking for funds and we are looking for such gems off course lot of technical difficulty rules regulation s in these ventures anyone has any idea how angel investor or VC funds work in India and buy Pvt company s at cheapest rate and function I saw few channel in telegram selling paytm shares etc any view is welcome !!!

We have no plans to provide such platforms. Also if they are unlisted we don’t know about the financials completely and they are not regulated well enough.Can’t do proper valuation also. There may be few cases which gave superior returns but many plummeted the wealth of investors. Also AIFs( Alternative investment funds) provide access to such opportunities but the minimum ticket size is 1 crore so not for general retailers.
Amitabh buying just dial is used for marketing it’s IPO.

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Hmm I knew kaha AB or kaha hum garib retailer es understood the concept now !! Thanks bro

:joy: People taking advertisements seriously and getting 3019 ideas

Not exactly as I was former Thomson Reuters analyst have worked with us canada world coverage client s in foreign country u have something called pink sheet there u can find lot of unlisted company and are very liquid to trade that’s why it’s called mature market and we are emerging ones what us people were doing in 90 we are yet to cover all these laggards