Canada pension fund's investments in Indian companies

The latest tensions between both the countries is likely to affect trade and investments. With Canada pension funds investment totalling over 1.3 lakh crore in both listed and unlisted companies, some short term pressure may be possible.

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Canada PF invested in Zomato, PayTM and Nykaa?
I thought being Pension Fund they were prudent enough to stay away from these… :rofl:
But we don’t know their entry price…

Their largest holding in any particular stock that is also part of one or more index is Kotak Bank. They have reduced their total exposure in Kotak Bank during recent quarter(s) and that has been absorbed by FIIs only. I don’t believe it’d have any impact on the key indices like Nifty or Bank Nifty.

The quantity and percentage that MFs , PFs, and Hedge Funds report to exchanges are not accurate. They give a finicky calculation of their holdings. They will never publically show , which equity they are buying.Recent article about Michael Burry explains it.

Could you please post the link of the article that you are mentioning ?


It is certainly not a single article. if so ,it would be easy for us retailers to get close to the holy grail… isn’t it? :slight_smile:

You may start from here
For proper understanding of F13 that FPI uses
It is already evident that big fund houses reports the notional value , not the actual holdings.
They are true , but not how we interpret it.

If there is any mods or changes in NSE for FPIs , then Nithin sir or any other higher ups with experience can shed some light . Afterall ,these are all my personal findings. So take them as it is please

Michael burry case … As per Scion capital reports , he was net 96% holding shorts on S&P from June end. And market not fell as much as everyone exclaimed. Will that make Burry go bankrupt… no

It was our interpretation of his holdings,were wrong.

Thanks for the update @VarunG

Yes, it seems that the media reports highly inflated the figures and they did not understand the real amount that he put into that short trade.

According to this article, the premium that he actually paid for those puts was in the range of 60 Million Dollars and not the 1.6 Billion as claimed in the news headlines. They just looked at the notional values of those option contracts.

More details about the same could be found here -


Absolutely right :+1: and that’s why I gave you first link to observe the cheat codes these big guys use. There is a big difference in notional value and actual value. And exchanges required them to report notional value only.