Candle taking Support on SMA 30

Please help me with Entry when price red candle takes support on 30 Sma and closes above 30 sma
And then the second candle should be green and it should close above 30 sma and above the red candle also

Hi @Foodietrader I have created the stratgey conditions based on my understanding of your requirements. Click on the below link to access the strategy-

The above strategy will trigger an entry when the Previous to previous candle had a low higher than the SMA 30 and the previous candle was red with a low lower than the SMA 30 and close higher than SMA 30 ( i.e. the previous candle took support from the SMA 30) and the current candle is green with close higher than the SMA 30 and the previous candle close. We have also added conditions by increasing the offset so that if the current candle does not cross above the Red candle close then the entry will trigger if the close is crossed above in the next candle and the next candle is above SMA 30 and is green.