Candlistisc Chart

Dear Mr. Nitin,

Greetings, your system (Kite) is very good and user friendly.

All Indicator are really very Cool and Looks Light weight.

Actually My team mates are looking for Customize Time frame or 5 Hrs Time frame.

At present we are taking other platforms for this Signals. (Sharekhan).

Hope you only can help us. Please update as soon as possible.

Thanks and regards


Candles with 4-hour timeframes are available. Select default time period of 1 month for this.

Dear Mr. Srinivas,

I know 4Hr Time frame is available but I need 5 only for more Conformation.

4 Hr and 5 Hr having Big Difference, many time 4 Hr will not Touch 8 EMA and 20 MA. Because of this we can’t Judge proper Signal with 4 Hr.

Long period makes Good Results hope you understand.

Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day.