Cannot trade in more liquid next month contracts

As of yesterday 25 Sep 2018, the current month CPO18SEPFUT contract has a traded value of 6678.77 lakhs while the next month CPO18OCTFUT contract has a higher traded value of 7468.97 lakhs. So, liquidity has already moved to the next month contract. But still, I could not take a position today in CPO18OCTFUT contract as it gives an error:

RMS:Blocked for mcx_fo CPO18OCTFUT block type: ALL

I had contacted Zerodha support with the same problem some time back with MENTHAOIL contract. But I got a response to the effect that it is an RMS rule. @nithin , could you please review this RMS rule with your team so that we can trade the next month contracts, especially once they become more liquid than current month contracts?

Full-service brokers allow trading of next month contracts as long as liquidity is above 0. But there are many advantages to trading through Zerodha instead of them :grin: So, it would be great if this is enabled at Zerodha too.