Can't close my Upstox account since I've a delisted stock in my underlying Demat account

Hello Guys,
I’ve been trying to close my upstox account from last one month since I’ve become an NRI. I am getting replies from upstox saying that one stock is still there in my demat account. Now, That stock is Lakshmivilas bank which got delisted one year before. I hold very little quantity(around 1000rs). I tried creating an easiest account for the demat account so that I can transfer the stock to someone else’s demat. But upstox doesn’t have that provision to do it. Now, I’ll be simply paying upstox with quarterly maintenance charges for the reason that I can’t close my account since I’ve a delisted stock in my demat and can’t move it to any other demat account. Since I’m not in India, offline paperworks are not an option for me, also it doesn’t worth the effort to get the shares transferred. This is my request to the experts here to help me with your valuable thoughts and insights. Thank you in advance.