Can't find Nifty historical data on

Since 1 Apr , NSE website is not showing any historical data of Nifty, like daily OHLC, PE, PB. Also historical values of Nifty TRI etc also not to be found anywhere.

The website is giving notice that all information has been moved to the new website. But new website is also not showing these historical data.

Can anyone help me find the link from where to access the historical indices data?

The API endpoints are working fine though. Check here if you want.

Thanks, but I just need the new website link where the historical data is residing. Any idea?

For capital market
For Derivatives market

For older data click on historical reports

above reports are EOD by NSE. For Tick data you can google it. previously i have shared a gdrive link for tick data, u can check it.


Historical chart data

Check the link