CAPF - IDFC merger: Shares distribution

As we know, CAPF and IDFC bank are merged and the rule is "As per the agreement, IDFC Bank will issue 139 shares for every 10 shares of Capital First"
Today, CAPF closed at 845.6 and IDFC bank at 64.25
I’m assuming that because of the above rule, CAPF shareholders (assume they bought at 845.6) will get a profit of 474.75rs for every 10 shares of CAPF when they get IDFC shares, as of now.
Is that correct? Am I missing anything?

I think you mean IDFC and not IDBI!

Thanks for correcting that. I was trading both so in hurry I considered idbi instead of idfc, didn’t notice that mistake bcoz both were trading at nearly same prices. I’ve modified the above question accordingly.

I got my answer. The above calculation of PL looks correct at the current prices.