Capital Market Training Insitutes


Hello Venu

Are capital market training institutes regulated by SEBI?

Are there any approvals that are needed to run a training institute?

Hey Augstus,

What kind of institutes are you talking about? If you are referring to trading programs run by twitter stock market gurus, then I’m afraid they are not certified by SEBI.

SEBI runs its educational initiatives through the [National Institute of Securities Markets] (NISM). They offer various certification programs. They have also offer some post graduation courses. There’s more on partnering NISM here but its for Educational Institutions.

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Thanks Venu.

I was referring to the various programs run by experienced traders, since the investment advisory business is a well regulated space by SEBI, i was under the impression that these programs were also regulated, but looking at your response looks it it is not.

So anyone joining any of these training programs are doing so by their own accord and will.

As always thank for being so helpful and prompt… and thank you for clarifying

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The scope of advisory covers areas portfolio construction, providing investment ideas etc. Training unfortunately isn’t.

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