Car trade stock

what is happening in car trade . i am stuck in this stock. almost 24% down in my portfolio . what to do next?

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My personal thoughts and my way of long term investment working( everyone 's game and rules/Risk apetite are different so don’t take as recommendation and consult your financial advisor)

  1. I got around 8 lots worth allotment @1618
  2. I sold 4 lot on day 1 around 1550( discount listing-First negative sign of weekness)
  3. Then i avg bought 4 lot when stock dipped to 15% -1360
  4. I took the loss and exited all at the run away gap 1200.(Second strong sign of weakness)
  5. I will only buy the stock back when price crosses 1250
  6. Fundamentally , stock looks super awesome .But Price is the key indicator and god words for me and i have zero emotions for any company how good fundamentally it looks.