I am unable to download CAS from CDSL, What would be reason




You might not have any demat/MF transaction for selected month-year.


Hi Reza,

Please note that an investor is eligible to receive the Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) provided he/she is having Mutual Funds (MF) investments in the Statement of Account (SOA) form and securities held in demat form with the Depositories. Further, If there is any transaction in any of the demat accounts of the investor or in any of his mutual fund folios, then CAS shall be sent to that investor on a monthly basis. However, in case if there is no transaction in any of the MF and Demat accounts for a particular month in a year, the CAS withholding details will be sent to the investor on half yearly basis.

Also, you should make sure that the CAS flag should be enabled in your demat account. Please raise a ticket in our support portal the concerned person will get back to you on this.

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Yes, I have holdings with zerodha since last year… and i am receiving CAS statement from zerodha on Monthly.

But i would like to get the statement directly from CDSL, any possibility?


Hi Reza, the Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) is usually sent to those clients who meet the above eligibility criteria. Please drop your query in our support portal along with your account details so we can assist you further.