Cash Collateral Query

After implementation of SEBI peak margin reporting system, I wanted to get clarity on intraday cash-collateral requirement

  1. Lets say i have 10 lac collateral margin (after haircut) derived from pledging equity shares. Now, earlier i could take position worth 10 lac margin without cash component intraday i.e. if i do not carry position overnight, i didn’t really require to maintain 50-50 cash collateral. This 10 lacs derived from equity collateral would suffice for intraday trades. No interest penalty. I was good to go

  2. Now, after 1 December SEBI peak margin reporting, can above situation still valid? Can I take intraday position of 10 lac from 10 lac collateral derived from equity pledge without any cash component in account? What if exchange take a snapshot during intraday lets say 1 PM, and i do not have 10 lac cash, would they impose penalty? (earlier they were considering at EOD).

I have read two contradictory reply from zerodha team members, that’s why need clarification.

Reply from @ShubhS9

For MIS you can, there is no 50-50 Cash - Collateral restriction for Intraday, this is only for overnight positions.

reply from @siva

Same way as eod margins, 50% cash and 50% collateral is required for peak margins.

For Intraday, as long as you have the requisite margins (in any form - either cash or collateral or both), you won’t be levied a margin penalty.

For overnight positions, as long as you have the requisite margins (in any form - either cash or collateral or both), you won’t be levied a margin penalty. However, if you don’t have cash:collateral in the ratio of 1:1, then Zerodha will charge you interest on the shortfall in cash.


actually their opinions are not contradictory… check the dates, shubham’s reply is old… was before implementation of peak margin while siva’s was when peak margin was implemented…

OK. But . There won’t be any exchange penalty. Correct?

Exchange levies penalty only if there’s shortfall in margins. If there are no shortfalls, then no penalty.

thanks @VenuMadhav

You want to say that even if I have only equity collateral margin available (no cash component), exchange won’t impose any penalty (for intraday positions) even in new peak margin reporting system which could take my peak reporting any time during intraday.

Am i correct?

If i am correct, don’t you think @siva reply is contradictory since he mentioned that 50% cash and 50% collateral is required for peak margins even intraday (No intention to prove someone wrong, just need clarity).


OK. So if zerodha charges interest then no exchange penalty. And if there is exchange penalty then no interest charged by zerodha.

Yes, you are right.

Please understand that penalties are a function of unavailability of margins. If sufficient margins are in place (in any form), penalty isn’t applicable. However, when the Exchange blocks margins for positions, they block it in the ratio of 50-50. So a broker can insist that you maintain margins in the same proportion, that doesn’t mean you’ll be levied a penalty.

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Penalty = If margins are short (margins in any form)
Interest by Zerodha = If sufficient cash margins are not maintained for the positions you’ve taken.

If you have 5lacs worth collateral pledged, from which you’ve taken a position for which margins = 7 lacs, on the 2 lac shortfall, you’ll be levied penalty by the Exchange. On the 3.5 lacs shortfall in cash, you’ll be charged interest by Zerodha.


OK. I got your point . But why do u charge interest . Because as per this

zerodha may insist for 50:50 . But there is no compulsion from exchange or clearing corporation.


After the haircut . Correct?

mandated by the exchange.

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For eod basis only . Or for intraday too . ?

hey bro… isn’t it already clarified above… why are you asking same question again and again?

Do other brokers charge such interest?