Cash collateral with other broker required?

People like Jegan claims - if we open demat account in Zebu/Alice Blue/MOSFL via his franchise then no need to keep 50% cash component to trade in options. Just 10% of cash collateral will be enough to trade with without any penalty?

I know 50-50 cash and equity collateral mandate is at broker level not at customer level, so is his claim a legit one or just a false claim? Is there any hidden charge such as relatively high transaction charges etc with such demat account?

Has anyone open their demat account via Jegan’s franchise?


I trade with zerodha. Intraday trading doesn’t need 50% cash. It applies only for overnight positions.

I just saw that youtube video from Jegan …he has a selling point but what is the catch ? Did you talk to Jegan ? can you share names of the brokers and their brokerage and other charges?