Cash Margin for option trading/writing

what other instruments other than Liquidbees are considered cash equivalent for margin for option writing ?


This document gives us the approved list of securities and ETF's (as of Jan 2017) that can be pledged for margin used for option writing.

Please not that the applicable haircut on the pledged amount will vary as per the security being pledged.

(1) Bank FD (In my knowledge, this is not possible with zerodha)
(2) Liquidbees
(3) Pure cash!

Even I am looking for better ways than liquidbees to deploy the cash and still fulfill the 50% cash margin requirement

@AB1 go through the link provided by BharatW above…it provides a few more options to pledge securities and get margins… after applying a haircut …

@PR1743 No dear, I am discussing only the cash equivalent margin requirement here (not the general stock pledging)

@AB1 …Liquid bees are considered as cash equivalent… if u pledge 10000, u get 9000 as margin after the haircut… which is considered as hard cash for taking positions in f&o…u need to keep cash only for MTM. No other option afaik