Castrol hold 25 nos @ 419 ,Pl suggest

Purchase 25 nos @ 419 , in greed of bonus share news on media whether it is true or not? ,please suggest further

Hold your Positions.
It will Reach your Buy Price.
Not done detailed analysis Saying this Just by Looking at Chart on basis of Moving averages.

Is bonus news correct?what is the process ,I am new to this

News is correct. On nov 7, castrol has recommended 1:1 bonus subject to the approval of the members of the Company through postal ballot.

So from nov 7, around 1 month will be taken for the result of postal ballot. if approved another 2 months for record date.

i was wrong about date.

Bonus record date of castrol for bonus:23-12-2017

I ve purchased on 3 November, can I get bonus shares

ys u will

If I purchase more shares of castrol , will i get bonus shares on new purchased shares also?

Company announced that 1:1 bonus.
For every 2 years an average company is issuing bonus, if we look into past history.
Fundamentals looks good.
Long term horse.
You will get bonus shares for each share you buy before record date.

ys… u will get bonus for every share u hold in your demat on 23 december.

Company have issued bonus in 2010 and 2012. After that they are issuing bonus only now.

Compared to other companies the frequency is high. But they are not issuing bonus every 2 yrs. I am telling u this base on moneycontrol data. Correct me if wrong.

For How much period I need to compulsorily hold for bonus purpose after record date?

Yes,you were right. I also use :moneybag: control for data. Frequency of bonus share issued is more.
Is there any tool by which we can know how many shares we will be having after successive bonus declaration?

you can sell it next day itself.

When bonus share will be issued 1:1 will be issued, Price share will be 50%, What is benefit then?, What is procedure I don’t know pl suggest

Your’s shares quantity got doubled without any fresh investment.