CDSL Easi Login Details forgot


I forgot my username to login to CDSL easi,
I can recover the password if i have the username.

Any possibility

If you forget the username name and Password then get the same from your DP by sending a letter requesting the password reset duly signed by all account holders. If you have forgotten your password only, you can use the forgotten password link to retrieve the same.

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What is login name here ??

You will have to enter your username.

forgot my username. how to login now? and I think I’ve forgot my password too. Anyone can help me here?

you can obtain the user name in case you do not remember , from DP probably through a written request to your DP .
you cannot change/modify the username (login name) after registration, you can set the username (login name) only once at the time of registration. Login name is unique in the system

Resetting password is easy if you have username, in case you have forgotten your username you can can obtain the username by making a request to your DP.

I didn’t get it. what is my DP and how to make request to it?

DP as in your broker. If you are Zerodha user, you can raise a ticket here.

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there is an option to search using your Demat ID, there will be a search bar which you can use to find username