CDSL easi vs easiest?

Can anyone please explain me what’s the difference between CDSL easi and CDSL easiest account?

Also is there any charge for transfer of Shares, MF from my own one broker account to my own another broker account assuming both the demat accounts are in CDSL?

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The Easi/Easiest User guide gives a brief overview of the features available in both. Quoting directly from it where relevant.

Firstly, Easi stands for Electronic Access to Securities Information whereas Easiest stands for Electronic Access To Securities Information And Execution Of Secured Transactions. All the features available in Easi are also available in Easiest. These include -

  • This facility is provided at free of cost
  • View/print details of current holdings and transactions for any 30 days in demat account.
  • View/print the valuation of holdings in demat account based on the previous day’s closing price.
  • View multiple demat accounts details through a single login ID.
  • Monitoring corporate announcements related to the securities held in a demat account. A BO also has an option to add upto 25 ISINs not held in demat account to monitor corporate announcements for such ISINs.

Easiest includes the following additional features -

  • Submission of debit/credit transaction instructions to effect off-market, settlement, Interdepository and early pay-in transactions through internet
  • In case a BO submits the transaction instructions from his/her ‘easiest’ login, then they need not submit the Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to their DP.
  • A BO can monitor the status of the instructions submitted through ‘easiest’ login also.

Charges might vary depending on the brokers that use. For Zerodha, the charges are mentioned in this support page -

3. The charges to transfer shares in an off-market transaction are 0.03% of the transfer value or Rs. 25, whichever is higher. You (transferor of the shares) will also have to pay stamp duty at 0.015% on the consideration amount to CDSL on their platform. Learn more.


@Prayag Very good explanation of the differences between the two accounts. I did not have such a detailed idea. Thanks!

I have 2 demat accounts registered with CDSL, I was able to upgrade one of the account from easi to easiest, however not able to upgrade the other one from easi to easiest. How do I upgrade or transfer the shares from 2nd account to first account?

Thanks in advance

There is no upgrading, a user to CDSL easi receives all of the facilities and benefits of easiest automatically.

You can check this support article for the transfer process. The process is the same for all CDSL to CDSL transfers.

If you wish to transfer shares from demat a/c of Broker B to Broker A, the easiest account of Broker B alone is required to setup the off-market transfer shares from Broker B to Broker A.

In case you already have easi account of Broker B, you’ll be able to upgrade to easiest. Steps can be replicated here:

How to upgrade from Myeasi to Myeasiest?
[Enter your trusted BO ID - fill the 16 digits demat account number of Broker A]

If you’ve tried and still not got an upgrade request authenticated by Broker B, you may contact the customer support of Broker B.

I have following quesries

Q1. I registered for CDSL Easi ( I have a DEMAT in single name) on CDSL website. I created a login ID and Password and logged in. Upon login it shows as Registered for: Easi.

I need to know whether this will affect the POA submitted with Zerodha. Will I not be able to transact normally using Zerodha platforms.

Q2. I reset password and received email from CDSL which stated my new EASIEST (Not EASI) password is XXXXX. I had registered for EASI not EAIEST. How do I know whether it’s easy or easiest and would EASIEST registration lead to cancellation of Zerodha POA?

Please help.