CDSL Easiest Query

I am currently trying to transfer shares of one stock from my demat account to my friend’s demat account. I have followed the process as mentioned in How can I transfer shares from my Zerodha account using CDSL Easiest? .

Now if I go to “Transaction Inquiry” in CDSL, the transaction status is showing as “Txn Ready For DP Auth”.

What do I need to do further to complete the transaction? Does it need any further approval? I have already tried this yesterday and day before yesterday, but the transaction never happened. Or is there any other thing that might be stopping it (like if it requires the sell amount cash to be present in the recipient’s account)?

No, this is not required.

Once you’ve completed all the steps given in the article, the request for transfer will be sent to your DP (Zerodha in this case) for confirmation. On confirmation, the request is approved and the transfer will be done. If you have any queries, you can also create a ticket at our team will assist you with it.