CDSL Easiest - Share Transfer

I have registered for CDSL Easiest with option Account of Choice. But I’m not sure how to transfer the Shares. Can anyone guide me with steps to transfer shares to another CDSL Account using CDSL Easiest ?

You can use DIS to transfer shares. Ask you broker to provide DIS slip in which your holding shares

Regarding how to fill the DIS slip see below link

If you still have issues call broker they will guide you.

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@a13989 ; CDSL easiest /NSDL speed e are online facility for transferring shares from one demat to another . Compare to DIS slip these are instant transfer , available anywhere 24 hours of the day and very cost effective .
i do through NSDL “speed e” so do not have personal experience of CDSL 'easiest" hence did not respond to your query .

I think you lose POA arrangement on this registration. Please check with broker once.

@PR4575 : no need to give POA .

Thank you for the Information, As i do not stay in India its hard to submit DIS Slip.

Thanks for the update

I was saying he needs to check whether he will lose already given POA. As i read it somewhere back…

If somebody can confirm, it will be great.

if he has a POA based demat account in all probability the broker will not accept / will not give consent to add the brokerage firm as beneficiary in CDSL easiest or NSDL speed e. the client need to operate through POA only .

In that case, what if one still wants to add beneficiary for online share transfer?

you can add with consent of proposed receiver /beneficiary .