CDSL Easiest transfer always getting expired despite raising ticket with DP

I am trying to transfer shares from cdsl easiest from one dp to another, it was always getting expired. I raised ticket with this DP multiple times no response and preclosure of tickets, unsure what to do.

Complain on SEBI scores website

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thanks for the information, will do that

Finally they replied after these many days from DP side, there is a BO linking required apart from Trusted account, any idea how does BO linking works for self transfer as it was asking PAN as mandatory

like this

Buyer BO is not opted for PAN Exemption

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Before completing any off-market (offline) share transfers, the sender (transferor) must list the beneficiary’s (transferee’s) demat account as a beneficiary on CDSL. For more details, click the link below.

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I added that already, like BENEFICIARY but they are saying something new linking BO

You mean grouping BO? I think that’s for when you want to view multiple demat holdings in same place.

No, actually after linking BO I was able to transfer shares b/w dps that listed as trusted users

after adding a dp as trusted user, we need to LINK that DP using the BO linking via CDSL easiest portal by using menu option Transaction > BO LINKING > BO LINKING SETUP which asks for DP details and PAN number and auth by clicking the link sent to you by CDSL using otp after which it was verified then try transferring to the DP added in BO linking step.

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