CDSL pledging charges reduced substantially, will it help us?

As the news informs that the depository charges have been reduced, can zerodha let me know if this will result in reduced pledging charges ??

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We will update soon.

Yes… As per the article pledging charge is reduced to only Rs5 but in zerodha its ₹ 60.

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This is in the new regime which goes live from Sep 1st (might get postponed). Our charges will reduce as soon as that goes live. Btw there is the depository charge + what the broker/DP charges.

Gosh was expecting that you guys would start pledge tomorrow. Most other brokers have started this. When is Zerodha expected to go live?

@nithin what about my currently pledged holidngs which i am utilising as collateral margin .would they automatically be adjusted according to new regime without affecting my current collaeral margin because its would be difficult if suddenly zerodha unpledges them and my collateral margin goes away even for one day.

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Will let you know by tomorrow, this maybe postponed.

@siva [quote=“siva, post:7, topic:88172”]
Will let you know by tomorrow, this maybe postponed.
any update

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@siva any updates

You can read this post Migration from old pledge to the new pledge mechanism