CDSL TPIN 1 cr sell limit per day

There is 1 crore sell limit per day for CDSL TPIN. I want to know that this limit is set by cdsl or zerodha ?

As per the following tweet, that limit is set by CDSL

@nithin when does this limit will be removed ?

@VenuMadhav any idea?

hey, the limits have been removed from sometime. DM me if you’re facing any trouble.

Please update this support page,crore%20in%20a%20single%20day.

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thanks, I’ve updated the article.

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Great news, So right now CDSL TPIN doesn’t have any limitations? It’s same as sumbitting POA?

That’s correct.


If I register for CDSL easiest. Can I still see my holdings in kite ?

Yes, you will be able to see your holdings in Kite.

@ShubhS9 I read somewhere in QnA POST that if we transfer shares through easiest.

Zerodha cant track those transfer and we can’t see changes in kite.

This was earlier, we have now started offering CDSL Easiest service. If you want know the signup process, you can read this post.

Can you add an option to get new CDSL TPIN in Profile section in Kite ?

Here is an example from upstox app.

You can go to:

Holding → Authorization → You’ll find the ‘Forgot CDSL Tpin’ option.

Yes. But If you currently don’t have any holdings you can’t see that option. (kite application)

Just a small feedback.

But then again, you’ll need the Tpin only if you want to sell holdings, not otherwise. Will consider your feedback though.