You are doing a Select All of the Stocks before sending the Stocks for TPIN Authorization. But the Maximum allowed at once by CDSL is Only 100. So if a user is having 99 Stocks then he can Sell Authorize all his stocks at once. But What about the user who is having 100+ Stocks? He has to select each stock manually.

Why this partiality? This is actually a defect in your CDSL TPIN AUTHORIZATION Technical Design and Implementation.

Hence, I suggest to Allow Users to Select 100 random stocks to Sell Authorize each time instead of Manually Selecting 100 stocks at once.

Hey Rakesh, at once 100 different scrips can be authorized. You can view and modify the stocks being authorized under Manage authorizations.

Hello, That is for the users who have less than 100 Stocks in holdings. What about the users who have more than 100 stocks? The Select All will select more than 100 at once which is of no use.

We’ll definitely share this with our team as feedback and look into the possibilities :slight_smile:

I am eagerly waiting for a quick solution for this Defect as i have a huge impact if i have to authorize multiple stocks quickly.

Hi Shruthi, Do you know by when this Zerodha #Defect will be fixed? If not then I actually don’t see any use with this Its just useless platform.