I placed a single sell GTT order and did pre-authorisation with the CDSL PIN. But when the GTT got triggered and the price reached the limit order price, the order got rejected because of the reason as shown in the screenshot below.
Can anyone explain why? Are there any different rules regarding TPIN on GTT orders?

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Let me check.

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Can you create ticket here and ping me number, give client ID, what date you have authorized, which scrip and how much quantity.


I’m facing the same problem.
GTT gets triggered but doesn’t get executed because of CDSL PIN.

The purpose of GTT is that Target/SL gets executed when you’re at work or something.

Is there a way around it, so that GTT gets executed?
Do I have to authorize CDSL PIN everyday?

You can pre-authorize sell of shares which will remain valid for 90 days, Read this to know more.


Thanks :slight_smile:

It happened to me yesterday.Though i pre authorised a day before.It triggered my target but not executed because of the same issue.

** I kept my limit and triggered price same.

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while creating a GTT Sell Order. It is not asking for a PIN number and sell also not placed in exchange. Then it is clearly stated that traders or investors will lose money.

Please guide us. is it resolved or not?

If GTT sell is not working on time, then the customer will lose money :frowning:

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For now one has to pre authorize holdings as GTT is just a layer above order window. Also if GTT is triggered user will get email alert and can check and act accordingly.

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It is still getting rejected , I created a GTT order yesterday and it got triggered today and rejected with reason for needing pin authorisation.

And people saying above the loose money in case of this.

How can somebody loose money in this case if it is not be executed and actually being rejected .

My GTT order got triggered and it says CDSL verification failed. Can I do something or will it lead to bad delivery? Please help urgently as it has happened today and will affect by position.


As you hadn’t authorized the sell transaction using CDSL TIPN and OTP, the sell order will be rejected. This won’t lead to short delivery.

To sell the shares, you’ll have to authorize the sell transaction using CDSL TPIN and OTP.

Thank you very much, I was scared to see failed status but now I understand its for the order.

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I am facing the same issue. Everything has been done clearly at my end: I pre authorized the selling via CDSL TPIN on the same day. The GTT was triggered and the sell price was also reached. Still received an automated email from Zerodha telling me that since it was not authorized, the order didn’t go through.

Zerodha support also has no idea, have a running ticket with them since the last 40 days. Any help would be appreciated.

Can you give me ticket number?

I am sorry I just looked at your response. I have had several responses from Zerodha Support and so far it has been consistently mentioned that “I did not provide the authorization which is why the GTT did not go through.” I am pretty sure that I did for two GTTs that failed. All details on:Ticket #20210611576569.

I informed team to arrange a call to you on monday.