CDSL TPIN problem

From past 2 days I’m facing this CDSL TPIN problem while selling shares, every time I wish to sell share I have to this CDSL TPIN verification. Is there any solution for this so I don’t have to do it every time when I sell stocks.

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You can pre authorised shares you want to sell. So you don’t have to authorised it daily. You can even do this outside market hours.

Pre authorised sell is valid till 90 days.

You can send PoA to Zerodha if you want to avoid this.

Is cdsl tpin system mandatory only for new account opening?

I m facing same problem. It continuously shows that tpin is invalid.

This can happen if TPIN is requested multiple times. You can wait for a while and then request TPIN once and then proceed. Also, the same TPIN generated can be used again, you don’t have to generate a new once each time you sell shares.