CDSL TPIN Same/Different

If I have more than one brokerage accounts, all of them with CDSL brokers, then is the CDSL TPIN different for all brokers or is it same?

After tpin , the trader can add the stocks on the preauthorized sell list. It’s Unique to Client. It is created and managed by CDSL. The broker is not involved in managing it.

CDSL TPIN used to be good to use for 90 days. Not anymore…

CDSL authorization is valid only for 1 day now.
What is the validity of my CDSL authorisation? (

I have an A/C with Espresso (Sharekhan). I haven’t given them PoA and use to authorise with TPIN every time I place a sell order. They don’t allow to authorise all stocks with a single TPIN. For each sell order, I’ve to enter TPIN followed by a unique otp sent by cdsl through sms/email

So for your other broker, you have given PoA and don’t need TPIN to sell?

I’ve three accounts. Zerodha, Upstox and Espresso. For Zerodha and Upstox, I’ve given PoA but for Espresso I use tpin

In Zerodha, the TPIN is for all the stocks that we want to sell, not just one stock.

So you use Espresso for long term holdings? If yes, entering a TPIN for each sell will not be a problem, as long term holdings are not sold often.

No, I don’t do long term. Earlier I only used Z. But after Karvy incident, I diversified and opened two more accounts.


I asked that because, some people keep their long term holdings with old and big brokers, and use discount brokers for trading, as the charges will be high if there is a lot of trading with old brokers, and they feel more secured with old and big brokers.