CESC demerger eligibility


I recently heard about CESC demerger. Below are demerger details.
For every 10 shares of CESC a) 5 shares of Haldia Energy will be issued b) 5
shares of CESC Ltd. c) 6 shares of FV – Rs 5 of RP- SG Retail Ltd (which would later be
consolidated to Rs10 Face Value and converted to 3 shares) and d) 2 shares of RP- SG BPO
ltd. Will be issued. CESC, Haldia Energy, RP- SG Retail and RP- SG BPO all four will be listed
entities and the appointed date of demerger is Oct 1, 2017 subject to approval by National
Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLT).

  1. If I buy the shares Today (08-Jan-2018). Am eligible for demerged shares?
  2. I am holding 15 shares already. How many shares of above I’ll be getting? (they have a calculation against 10, so for extra 5 quantity how many shares of Haldia Energy & CESC I’ll be getting?)


If you hold CESC shares in Demat as of the record date of demerger, then you will be eligible for the corporate action.

For 5 shares of CESC, you get 2 shares of Haldia, 2 shares of CESC, 3 shares of SG retail and 1 share of SG BPO. The remaining 0.5 shares of CESC and 0.5 shares of Haldia should be credited as cash equivalent by the RTA directly to your bank account


Thanks Srinivas.


@rahulpadhye50 : CESC ,BOUGHT ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 29 ,for every 10 SHARE will be allotted additional six shares in Retail and two shares in the Venture company.
CESC is trading in truncated form from October 30.


when will the 2 new entities be listed?


Latest news: CESC awaits bourses clearance to list demerged entities

Normally the listing takes place 3 months from the ex-date. Maybe this month-end or feb?


the main hurdle is sebi relaxation of rule 19(2)(b) which is time taking process and may around 45-90 days from record date in normal course.


Spin off eff date was 31-Oct-2018… More than 82 days gone… no update. I have written to their investor relations… no reply


one of the company Spencer`s retail ( old name Rp -sg retails )out of two has received regulatory approvals .Cesc venture ( old name Rp -sg business process services) may get soon .


Thanks for update


@Suneel_Kotte @rj07 @rahulpadhye50 @Srinivas Both the companies Spence retail and Cesc venture will list from January 25 in T2T for 10 trading days after an initial price discovery as in new listing.first quote will be at 10.50 am .


thank you ji. just got to know this.